Girl Talk Empowerment 4 Teens utilizes the Overcoming Obstacles curriculum. Classes can be taught in any order using videos, group discussions, role-playing, and question and answer sessions.  In particular, the curriculum is designed to develop a landscape where young women genuinely know their value and inspire positive thinking and self-worth.

The sessions are designed for 60-minute sessions or can be condensed to meet the organization’s schedule.  A single lesson plan might be divided into two or three 30-minute periods by expanding activities beyond the estimated time frames and extending class discussions.

Need additional information? Email Deborah Swinson, or call 301-526-7553.

Getting StartedConfidence BuildingCommunication
Lesson 1:  What Is Overcoming Obstacles? Lesson 2:  Setting Expectations      Lesson 1:  Giving and Earning Respect
Lesson 2:  Identifying Strengths and Weaknesses
Lesson 3:  Establishing What’s Important
Lesson 4:  Improving Well-Being
Lesson 5:  Developing Personal Power
Lesson 1:  Understanding Nonverbal Messages
Lesson 2:  Listening
Lesson 3:  Listening Critically
Lesson 4:  Speaking Responsibly
Lesson 5:  Communicating Constructively
Decision MakingSetting and Achieving GoalsResolving Conflicts
Lesson 1:  Starting The Decision Making Process
Lesson 2:  Gathering Information
Lesson 3:  Exploring Alternatives and Considering
Lesson 4:  Consequences
Lesson 5:  Making and Evaluating Decisions
Lesson 1:  Identifying Goals
Lesson 2:  Setting Priorities
Lesson 3:  Developing A Positive Attitude
Lesson 4:  Accessing Resources
Lesson 5:  Learning To Be Assertive
Lesson 1: Introducing Conflict Resolution
Lesson 2: Uncovering Stereotypes
Lesson 3:  Managing Anger in Conflict Situations
Lesson 4:  Resolving Conflict
Problem-SolvingSkills for School and BeyondA Game Plan For College
Lesson 1: Problem solving techniques
Lesson 2: Problem solving in school
Lesson 3: Problem solving on the job
Lesson 4: Problem solving at home
Lesson 1: Identifying your learning style
Lesson 2: Managing your time
Lesson 3: Reading, listening, and note taking
Lesson 4: Writing reports and presenting to an audience
Lesson 5: Preparing for tests and exams
Lesson 6: Managing stress
Lesson 1: Assessing your talents and interests
Lesson 2: Determining the training
Lesson 3: Choosing the right place
Lesson 4: Applying to colleges, universities
Lesson 5: Discovering money – scholarships, grants, and loans
A Game Plan For WorkGetting The JobOn The Job Skills
Lesson 1: Working towards your goals
Lesson 2: Exploring job possibilities
Lesson 3: Looking for a job *updated*
Lesson 4: Networking
Lesson 5: Preparing a resume
Lesson 6: Making contacts
Lesson 1: Completing applications
Lesson 2: Preparing for an interview
Lesson 3: Interviewing
Lesson 4: Following the interview
Lesson 5: Responding to a job offer
Lesson 1: Developing a positive work ethic
Lesson 2: Working with others
Lesson 3: Communicating on the job
Lesson 4: Managing time, money, & people
Lesson 5: Advancing on the job
On The Job SkillsOn Your OwnFinancial Literacy
Lesson 1: Developing a positive work ethic
Lesson 2: Working with others
Lesson 3: Communicating on the job
Lesson 4: Managing time, money, & people
Lesson 5: Advancing on the job
Lesson 1: Managing your finances *updated*
Lesson 2: Making a budget
Lesson 3: Understanding advertising
Lesson 4: Becoming a responsible citizen New lesson: Nurturing the development of young children
Lesson 1: Money Matters: Know the Lingo Lesson 2: Understanding Credit Lesson 3: Budget Tips and Tricks Lesson 4: Savvy Savers
Basic Life Skills
Lesson 1: Healthy Hygiene Habits
Lesson 2: House Cleaning and Laundry Lesson 3: Everyday Etiquette
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