Meet Deborah B. Swinson

Life Skills Coach, Speaker, and Mentoring Facilitator

As a woman of color, I believe it is critical to reach back and empower brown and black young women. I care about young women, I care about what they think, and I care about what they feel about themselves. My focus is personal empowerment through life skill development. Women want a hand-up to view their lives through a positive lens for employability and personal growth.

Deborah is devoted to coaching and educating middle and high school young women of color with the confidence and liberation to lead secure, healthy, safe, responsible, and productive lives.

Deborah mentors teenage young women by facilitating monthly life skill workshops that inspire leadership, accountability, and independent living practices for the transition to adulthood. 

Deborah holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Resource Management with 20+ years of financial management, acquisition management, and administrative management experience. She completed the year-long Russell Palmer Leadership and Development Program. Her most recent accomplishment is the transition into the role of internal control/risk manager.

Deborah is passionate about developing young women and especially young women of color.  Over 15 years, she was a ministry volunteer manager in the Prince Georges Correctional Facility. This experience clearly showed her that the work is needed out in the world.  One day she had an epiphany! Suppose young women were offered life skill options for workplace readiness, positive employment outcomes, and the self-confidence to become entrepreneurs. In that case, the jail population could exponentially decrease. In 2016, she was awarded a Trailblazers Award in Prison Ministry. 

For her personal growth and development, Deborah understands that a leader must be well-rounded with vision, charisma, and the ability to execute.  She solely created and launched the Girl Talk Empowerment 4 Teens website, produced and delivered training content, advanced her public speaking experiences, and established an internal control program.

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