‘Surviving the future workplace with life skills’

The strategic vision of Girl Talk Empowerment 4 Teens over the next five-year period (2019 -2024) is to teach life skills for workplace readiness, life skills to strengthen employability outcomes and life skills for potential entrepreneurs to middle and high school girls; and young adult women ages 18-20.

By the year 2024, 150 students educated in life skills through formal, non-formal and vocational educational settings; and professional training environments.

Mission Statement

GTE 4 Teens was created to introduce life skills, self-esteem, mentoring, and inspiration to middle and high school girls of color who are ambitious, talented and know their worth; and for girls of color that may be struggling in their environment and wish to change.

Core Values

In pursuing the GTE 4 Teens mission we are guided by the following core values:

  • Personal empowerment for life skill development
  • Recognition of respect and dignity of all human beings
  • Community engagement